Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Serve?
We provide service throughout the So Cal region in the following Counties:

Los Angeles
San Bernardino
San Diego
Santa Barbara

It is possible for us to work outside of our regular service areas depending on a number of factors. Including but not limited to party size, travel distance and availablitiy of staff nearby. There will be likely additional costs for travel time and expenses but we are more than happy to work out an agreement. Click here to contact us and discuss the details.
Can You Provide The Alcohol?
Due to State Laws, our clients are always required to provide the alcohol for the event. We can and do, though, work closely with the event host to determine the amount of alcohol required. Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience we will work with you to create a custom drinks menu providing you with a shopping thereby removing the stress or planning and organising your event.
What Is The Bartenders Attire?
Standard attire is black shoes, black pants and black shirt. However, where appropriate we can dress how the host would like us to. It is also not uncommon to dress according to party themes (Halloween, Hawaiian, Christmas etc.).
How Can I Book An Event?
Simple. Just call us at 760-895-3739 or send an email to contact@partymaxevents.com to discuss the details. Alternatively you can fill out a quote for here or use or online contact form here.
How Far In Advance Do You Recommend Booking?
It is recommended that you book an event as far in advance as possible to ensure we are available for your event. At least one week prior is preferred but not absolutely necessary.
How Much Do You Charge For Events?
Since each event is unique, rates will vary from event to event. We have very competitive prices and will work with the event host to stay within the budget. Feel free to contact us to get a no obligation quote today!
How Many Bartenders Will I Need For My Event?
We recommend one bartender per 50 people so that your guests are served quickly with great tasting drinks.
Can I Supply Alcohol To My Own Event And Sell Tickets At The Door To Recoup My Expenses?
In no way are you allowed to sell tickets, charge cover/door fees, or in any way make money or recoup monies spent unless you have a liquor license. Some clients think that if they are just charging enough to cover their expenses then they are not “making money”; however, the state views this differently…you will go to jail so please do not do this. The best way to avoid these extra expenses and/or criminal charges is to hire us for a cash-bar service. This gives you the ability to have all the alcohol you would like at your party while only having to pay for the bartending services. Then your guests will pay per drink as they would in any other bar.
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
Currently we only accept cash payments.
Is Gratuity Included In Your Rates?
Gratuity is not included in the cost of your event. The service industry relies heavily on tips. In cases where a tip jar is not appropriate or allowed, the host is responsible for the gratuity. The amount of gratuity is at the host’s discretion with $2-4 per guest as a guideline.
Why Should I Hire A Professional Bartender?
Yes, in fact many events are held in a persons home.
Will You Bartend In My Home?
Yes, in fact many events are held in a persons home.
Why Not Just Use The Catering Company I Already Hired For The Food?
We hear this alot and many times, this is the case. People will search far and wide to find the perfect DJ or caterer for the evening. It is the bartender, though, that is interacting with guests and ensuring that they are having a great time, not the DJ or caterer. Catering company bartenders are rarely experts and usually only know enough to get by. Bartending is a side business for caterers and they usually put little thought and effort into their bar service. This is why they are known for their food, right?! Bartending and Serving is our only business. Because of this, we can provide a level of service few can achieve.
Do You Train Bartenders?
On occasion, we do train the right person. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us..
Are You Hiring?
We are always on the lookout for talented bartenders and servers. If you feel as if you have the experience and personality, send us an email at contact@partymaxevents.com